Singing cowboys, inflatable cactuses and echoes of "Hamlet"--
the unlikely counterpoint of Wild West parody and Elizabethan revenge tragedy--propels Circle X Theatre Company's premiere of "Texarkana Waltz" to dazzling lunacy at the Los Angeles Playhouse. One of those rare works that manages to tickle the funny bones while plucking the heartstrings, Louis Broome's well-crafted, semi-autobiographical play employs modern and classical sensibilities to examine the troubled Wicketts, an Oklahoma clan coping with its violent past. "Texarkana Waltz" entertains on many levels--enjoy it for its first-rate cowboy spoofing, its porgnant plea for familial healing, or its eloquent poetic sensibilities--but enjoy it you will.--Philip Brandes Read the entire review

In LA and Seattle, Texarkana Waltz enjoyed unanimous, enthusiastic, nearly over-the-top praise, and was honored with four Ovation Award nominations including Best Writer. The NY reviews were the antithesis. Bruce Webber in the New York Times was respectful, the rest were after blood. Same script, same director, very different results. To get my take on what happened, read my Blog. The raves are quoted here, along with the production history and photos. The rants are online. I highly recommend reading the LA Times review and the Village Voice review back to back.

Hard at work on...
A re-write of Texarkana Waltz, the play
Texarkana Waltz, the screenplay
A Trick or Treat - boy meets half-angel-half-demon-girl, goes to Hell to rescue her. Spectacular FX, a giant dream-clown, teen lust
Tanglewood - Texarkana's sequal. The Wickett family curse visits the next generation
Pin Down Girl - true love and loss in the underbelly of pro wrestling

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Rare recordings of Tulsa's legendary ensemble
From 1985 to 1991, Red Meat Substitutes terrorized Tulsa, OK, with their no-holds-barred brand of theater. In 1988, Tulsa's public radio station, KWGS, asked the Meats to create an hour's worth of radio plays for Electric Theatre, a radio series performed live before a studio audience. They did. Listen to one scene from the infamous radio broadcast of the group that scarred Tulsa's collective psyche, Red Meat Substitutes.
La Maison Cochon, by Louis Broome (8 minutes)
Download RMS: The Almost Complete Works

Neil Gaiman: Notes from the Underground
Louis Broome interviews writer Neil Gaiman, author of the award-winning comic book Sandman, hailed by Norman Mailer as "a comic strip for intellectuals," and winner of the Newbery Medal for The Graveyard Book. Broome talks with Gaiman about his hit BBC series Neverwhere, writing and the power of myth.
Available on VHS - own the first release of this rare interview
Dramatic Publishing, 2000
Louis' contribution to this anthology is Faith, a monologue about an elderly nursing home resident who sums up her situation with a story about a man who died on her daddy's farm during the depression. This exciting anthology of scenes and monologues features nearly 100 comic and serious roles for mature actors. Contributors include Kent Brown, Angela Counts, Innes-Fergus McDade, Staci Swedeen and comic legend Steve Allen. Ann McDonough, Ph.D and Kent Brown, editors. Dramatic Publishing, 2000. Available on Amazon.com.